how to video

I decided to go with “how to make a s’more” and present it as a stop motion video. I want to spark childhood memories in the viewers. For the intro/outro/credits, I used this tutorial: for “jittery text” to help add a vintage or “old-school” feel to my video. I think the jittery movement also matches the stop … More how to video

how to… 4

how to make s’mores 1. ingredients 2. campfire 3. roast mallows 4. chocolate & grahams 5. put together 6. enjoy! I want to make this a stop motion video.

how to… 2

how to make a jack-o-lantern 1. go to a pumpkin patch 2. pick the “perfect” pumpkin 3. take it home 4. “gut” the pumpkin (remove seeds, etc.) 5. draw your design 6. carve it out 7. add a candle

how to… 1

how to day trip to San Francisco 1. hop on a flight (early am) 2. take the Bart downtown 3. get a trolley pass 4. visit the touristy sites (lombard street, fisherman’s wharf, golden gate, etc.) 5. take lots of pictures!

boxer pieces

thanks to help from a local designer on the Phoenix Designers Facebook page, I split the original boxer image from the poster into it’s colored layers using CMYK channels


Saul Bass: Film Festival poster storyboard-paulascher-blade storyboard-saulbass-1 storyboard-saulbass-2 storyboard-saulbass-1 Paula Scher: Blade to the Heat poster storyboard-paulascher-blade